3 Important Steps To Breaking Concrete

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Concrete is a very common material used in construction. Unfortunately, or fortunately, concrete does not last forever. There are going to be times when it is necessary for concrete to be replaced. Some of the most common reasons that concrete needs to be broken up and replaced include; fractures, chipping, or the concrete may be obstructing another problem like a broken pipe. No matter what the reason for replacing the concrete, it is going to need to be cut or broken before it can be removed. This article will outline 3 critical aspects of breaking up concrete.

Make A Plan

One of the most important things that you can do is start planning the best way to extract the concrete. Good questions to ask yourself are; how much concrete needs to be replaced, would it be more effective to break the concrete or cut the concrete, are there windows that need protection, and what is the best way to extract the concrete once it is broken? these are just a few questions that you could ask in order to get ready to replace the concrete. It is also very important to plan because it gives you the opportunity to think exactly what supplies will be needed.

Find Any Utility Lines

The absolute most important thing that you can do is find any utility lines. Each year there are many individuals that are injured by underground utility lines. There is absolutely zero reason for this to happen. Before you start to break any concrete at all call the utility company. They will be able to come and find any utility lines in the area. If there are utility lines in the area, do not break up the concrete yourself. In this situation it is much better to hire a professional because digging around these lines can be extremely dangerous. 

Get The Right Tools For The Job 

When creating your plan one of the first steps is to decide what type of equipment will need to be used. There are many different ways to break up concrete. If the concrete that needs to be replaced is smaller, or needs to be neatly done then a saw might be the best answer. If an entire slab of concrete is going to be replaced a jack hammer or a sledge hammer might be the better option. There are multiple ways to break or cut concrete. Hammers are great for concrete that does not need to be kept clean or tidy, while a saw is good for those jobs that require cleaner edges.