Revitalize a Concrete Driveway's Surface with Stain

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If you are growing tired of the drab, dull appearance of the concrete driveway that leads to your business, revitalize its surface by adding a coat of stain with the following steps. Once you have finished, the concrete surface will stand out and enhance the property that you own.


Clean the Concrete and Remove Stains

Use a push broom to remove loose dust and debris from the concrete. Clean the entire paved surface with soapy water and a long-handled scrub brush. If there are any greasy stains that are difficult to remove with the brush, apply a small amount of a degreasing agent to them and kneel down and scrub the stained areas with a handheld brush that has stiff bristles. Rinse the paved surface off with a hose and wait for the concrete to dry.

Neutralize the Concrete's Alkalinity

Concrete tends to have a pH that is alkaline, which is not favorable for the application of stain. Neutralize the alkalinity before applying stain. Before you do this, cover the property that surrounds the driveway with tarps. Put on a face mask, rubber gloves, and a pair of old shoes. Read the back of the bottle of muriatic acid to determine how much needs to be used to treat the length and width of the concrete driveway. Add the appropriate amount of the product and water to a watering can. Stir the contents in the can until they are blended.

Moisten the driveway's surface with a water hose. Apply an even amount of the muriatic acid and water mixture to the concrete. The mixture will bubble upon contact. Leave the mixture on the concrete for the length of time that is suggested on the acid's packaging. Rinse the concrete surface with a strong stream of water afterwards.

Apply the Stain

Sweep the concrete once it has dried to eliminate any residual powder that remains on the driveway's surface due to the muriatic and water treatment. Mix a can of stain that is designed to be used on concrete and pour it into a paint tray. Apply an even coat of stain to a paint roller with a thick nap. Roll the stain across the driveway's surface in straight lines until all of the concrete has been covered. Wait for the stain to dry. This may take a day or two. Afterwards, apply a second coat to deepen the color of the driveway.

Once finished, your property's driveway will have a fresh, attractive appearance.