How Can You Make Concrete Look More Interesting?

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Concrete is an inexpensive flooring option, which means it shows up in a lot of homes. Even if it's just in your garage, old concrete can start to feel like an eyesore. But this budget-friendly material doesn't need to be embarrassing. With a little bit of creativity and maybe some help from concrete contractors, you can turn your eyesore into an eye-catching design element.


Beautiful tile floors are a great look. They're creative, yet elegant and can match most design styles. The problem is that intricately designed tiles are expensive and often fragile.  Luckily, you can replicate this style on the cheap. You can pick out stencils of the designs you want online, at the hardware store, or at the crafts store. Lay you stencils down and paint over your concrete in a color that contrasts well with the floor color. The square stencils will create a tile like look.   

Acid Stain

An acid stain on your concrete creates a nuanced and unique look. You only need one day and a few supplies to complete this project. Depending on the colors of concrete stain that you choose, you can even make your concrete look like well-polished marble. For more of a bohemian or eclectic vibe, choose brighter colors for a tie-dye like feel. In nurseries and children's bedrooms, people have used an acid stain to create the look of clouds or the ocean.


If you're going to paint your concrete, you just have to be sure to an epoxy supplier so that the paint is sealed in place. Otherwise, you can feel free to get creative with painting your concrete. Thoroughly clean your concrete before you get the paint rollers out. A bright color paint can really brighten up a room. If you want to create the illusion of more space, choose white because it reflects light and makes spaces look bigger.

Fill Cracks

Ever heard of Kintsugi? Kintsugi is the Japanese art of repairing broken china with precious metals. Lacquer mixed with silver, platinum, or most commonly, gold war poured into cracks, creates a new work of art out of broken pottery. Even concrete that you don't drive on can accumulate cracks and they're pretty hard to disguise. Rather than disguising them, highlight them as a design element. Pour gold, copper, of silver dyed concrete patch in your holes for a truly unique look that pairs nicely with modern and industrial chic styled homes.

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