3 Breathtaking Concrete Front Porch Ideas

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A concrete front porch has a number of impressive qualities, with increasing durability being one of the best. However, you can add attractive to the list. Concrete is also a versatile material, and with the right creative eye, you can transform your porch from a plain concrete slab to a work of art. Learn some of the excellent style ideas you can bring to your installation.

Stained Concrete

For a sophisticated, upscale look, consider a stained concrete surface. Staining concrete is fantastic because it often makes the concrete take on the look of an expensive material, such as marble or stone. However, the extra cost and maintenance of these other materials aren't required. Stained concrete can also add a sense of warmth to your porch or patio area.

Remember, you should not stain concrete until it has fully cured. So, be prepared to wait a while between the initial installation and the staining process. If you try to perform the staining process too soon, it will fail, and you may damage the concrete. 

Stamped Concrete

For a truly one-of-a-kind front porch, consider stamped concrete as an option. Stamped concrete is concrete that has been imprinted to give it a unique texture. You can come up with your own style for the stamping process, or you can follow a pattern to make the concrete resemble another material, such as brick. 

However, if you choose this style update, make sure you are prepared for the extra maintenance involved. The grooves created during the stamping process make the ideal space for dirt and other debris to settle. An excessive collection will make the concrete look worn. Regular cleaning of the surface is essential to keep the concrete looking refreshed. 

Acrylic Spray

If you already have the concrete porch installed and you want to revamp its look, an acrylic spray might be just the solution for you. An acrylic spray coat is somewhat of a refresher that you can apply over the top an existing surface that might be worn and dated. 

In addition to adding color to the concrete surface, you can also find acrylic sprays that give the surface a textured look. Even better, acrylic sprays offer more than just a style element. The acrylic spray creates a barrier that helps keep oils and grease from making contact with the concrete, which can help extend its longevity. 

When it comes to your concrete options, you are only limited by your own imagination. Be inspired to make your front porch as awesome and unique as you. For more information on these and other options, contact a local concrete company like Southport Concrete Corp