The Connection Between Easy Demolition And Concrete Cutting

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Concrete cutting has a vast array of applications. From creating slabs to install in other locations to creating unique patterns in concrete parkways, this specialized cutting procedure is quite useful. In fact, it may also be used in demolition. Here is the connection between a large building demolition and concrete cutting.

Implosion Works, But It Works Better With Loose Bits

Most demolition crews will set implosion explosives at key points throughout the foundation of a building and the very center portion of the building. When the devices are triggered, the foundation crumbles and the center of the building crumbles. The exterior parts of the building fall inward and down, dismantling the building completely. Implosion by itself works fine, but if there are some very thick concrete walls or columns, it helps to cut them with a concrete saw first. There is less trouble with getting these parts of the building to fall as they should fall on their own when they are first loosened a bit. 

What The Concrete Contractor Cuts Prior To Demolition

The concrete contractor cuts through two-foot thick (or thicker) walls when the walls are on the outside or when the walls are load-bearing walls. Solid concrete columns that are greater than three feet in diameter also require cutting or else they will not tumble and fall inward when the demolition expert implodes the building. If each successive floor in the building is also concrete, the demolition expert may request strategic cuts to the floors to aid in the collapse of the building. 

Need A Concrete Contractor's Help With Demolition?

So now that you know the connection between a concrete contractor, a demolition expert, a demolition project, and concrete sawing, you may need such assistance in the future. Maybe you even need the assistance of a concrete contractor now. If you are ready to take down an old building and build a new one or leave the old building as an empty lot for redevelopment, then find a concrete contractor that has experience with concrete saws.

In this case, you will probably need one that knows how to use a larger industrial/commercial concrete saw, rather than a tiny, handheld electrical concrete saw that anyone can buy or rent from a hardware store. The concrete contractor needs experience in this particular area of concrete cutting. He/she will also need to bring his/her own concrete saw or find one to bring to the job.