Do You Have To Move Out Of Your House For A Foundation Repair?

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Finding out that your home needs its foundation repaired can be frightening. A foundation repair is usually a fairly significant task. Do you need to leave your house? How long will it take? Here's what you should know.

The Basics of Foundation Repair

When a home is first placed on a foundation, it's expected to settle a little. This may produce some very small cracks in the foundation. Over time, however, the soil around the foundation may start to settle. The foundation will start to grow uneven, which will cause more substantial issues around your home. These issues are going to increase over time as the foundation continues to fall apart.

To repair this, a foundation-repair specialist needs to dig around the house and place supports underneath the house, restoring the foundation to level. This is, understandably, a fairly extensive process—but how extensive it is depends on how significant the damage is. It's possible that a very small part of the foundation has to be repaired.

In some areas, most homes are eventually going to experience foundation issues. If your home is over twenty or thirty years old, it's more likely to have a foundation problem.

Can You Stay in Your Home During a Foundation Repair?

If the foundation issues are only in a small area of your home, it may be possible to fix the foundation in the course of an evening or a few days. So, while you do need to be outside of your house while the foundation is being repaired (that's only safe), it may not be for a significantly long time.

Even the most extensive foundation-repair jobs usually don't take longer than three days. Foundation-repair specialists have tools that are designed to complete the job quickly. Once the job is done, you can move back in right away. 

Your Insurance May Be Able to Help

Before you make any major decisions, make sure to contact your insurance company. Your insurance company will be able to tell you whether your foundation issue is a covered repair. If it is, they can arrange housing for you while you get everything fixed. 

While getting a foundation repaired can seem like a cumbersome task, it's extremely important to do it as soon as possible. A foundation will become worse over time—and as it worsens, it can cause major structural damage. A foundation-repair company can tell you more about how urgent the repairs are.