Sink, Saggy And Holes In Your Hardscaping: 4 Tips To Help Deal With Repairs And Improvements For Your Outdoor Concrete

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Hardscaping is the manmade features of your landscaping around the home. These features include things like retaining walls, sidewalks, garden paths, and patios. The hardscaping features of your home may be concrete materials, which are vulnerable to damage if soil erodes. The following tips will help you deal with the damage to your concrete hardscaping, correct the problem and prevent future problems:

1. Concrete Lifting to Raise Features and Correct Problems Due to Erosion and Settling

When settling happens to the concrete outside of your home, it creates unsightly cracks and other damage. To correct these problems, concrete lifting is needed to return the concrete to the height it should be. Hardscaping features like driveways, paths, and patios can all be repaired with concrete lifting, which will also help prevent future problems.

2. Restoring the Concrete Finish with A Layover Finishing Solution That Looks Like Natural Stone

Even when concrete lifting corrects the settling and prevents it, there are still going to be unsightly cracks. Rather than just filling the cracks with mortar, a layover concrete finish can be used to hide the damage and give these features and attractive natural stone look. In addition, there are also options to use stone or brick veneers to finish surfaces of hardscaping.

3. Injection and Grouting Solutions That Help Give Concrete Stable Soil to Rest On Without Sinking

The process of lifting minor concrete settling often involves using an epoxy injection to fill the void beneath concrete and lift it back to were it should be. Another solution that is used in soft soils or severe damage where epoxy injections are not enough is concrete grouting. The concrete grouting can be used to stabilize the soil beneath a hardscaping structure to provide a solid foundation and prevent settling.

4. Erosion Control Solutions to Prevent Damage to Hardscaping Due To Eroding Soils

One of the common causes of damage to concrete hardscaping is erosion. Therefore, you want to take the necessary steps to protect against soil erosion. Erosion control can be a combination of soil stabilization, landscaping plants and hardscaping structures that all act together to keep soil in its place. Use erosion control features around hardscaping that is most vulnerable to damage due to soft or loose soils. 

These are some tips to help you deal with damage to concrete hardscaping and prevent problems from returning. If you need help repairing sinking hardscape features, contact a concrete lifting service for help with the repairs.