Common And Unique Uses For A Slab Cutting Saw

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Concrete slab sawing offers a very efficient and precise way to cut concrete, as well as other hard surfaces like pavement and flat stone through the use of a circular diamond cutting wheel on a very strong saw designed specifically for such jobs. Below, you can learn more about the common uses for slab sawing, as well as some of the more unique uses.

Common uses for slab cutting saws

Cutting sidewalks

There is a good reason why you see that sidewalks have separations. If sidewalks go on for long lengths without a separation, then there will be much more of a chance of damages happening to the sidewalk due to movements that happen in the soil. If there is a sidewalk that has been laid without the appropriate separations done during the process, then a slab saw can later be used to correct that issue.

Cutting trenches for plumbing and electrical purposes

There are times when something will happen with the current plumbing pipes or electrical wires that are under a slab of concrete. If repairs or replacements must be done, then cutting a trench may be necessary to reach the pipes or wires. Or, there may be a need to lay pipe or run wires under the concrete in which case a trench must be cut as well. A slab cutting saw is a great way for this to be done.

Performing street repairs

When a street has severe damages that are in need of repairing, the damaged surface must be cut and removed in order for new material to be put in its place to make the repair.

Unique uses for slab cutting uses

Creating landscape designs

With concrete yards, landscaping becomes a lot more difficult and there are times when the only way for someone to make changes is to have a part of the concrete removed. Some reasons for doing this will include planting a tree, planting some grass in a specific area, or even installing a sandpit area for the kids.

Small or large areas can be cut and removed, and this gives someone all of the freedom they need to create the yard they are going to end up being happy with. A slab saw also allows the job to be completed fast, so homeowners can have the job done quickly and get to enjoying the property the way they want.

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